Motivating the “student” in student-athletes

A basketball program that teaches leadership and college readiness.

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Milpitas Swoosh Basketball is a club that currently has 70+ student athletes in 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th grades with 8 volunteer coaches. Team Swoosh has a nonprofit license 501(c). They represent East San Jose and Milpitas areas. They sponsor the less fortunate kids that can not afford but love the game of basketball. The club is an AAU Basketball Organization (all year round sport) and the program is to initiate, stimulate, and improve opportunities for amateur basketball competition with a goal on promoting and developing leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, and athletic excellence.

Coach Marlon Pacis is the Director of the club and firmly believes that the program is about creating opportunity and leadership by exposing kids to qualities that will help them grow and create opportunity. He is a true believer that the “student-athletes” need to emphasize “student” in all aspects of the program. Making sure kids develop and are exposed to higher education opportunity is a key part of Swoosh Basketball.

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Coach Pacis and the club partner with ChromaUp to make sure the student-athletes capture their achievements on and off the court to tell their story and get college ready.

“Our players are student-athletes and exposing them to higher education opportunity is an integral part of the Swoosh program, partnering with ChromaUp is extremely organic in achieving these goals — kids showcase their ability on and off the court via their Timelines, and ChromaUp badges allows us to memorialize leadership, skill, and recommendations easily. We look forward to engaging the kids and explore the various possibilities provided by ChromaUp” — Coach Pacis.

Understanding that over 1000+ colleges are going test score optional and that his students need to be future ready, he actively works on exposing his kids to the latest tools and information to help them pursue success.

Author: ChromaUp

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