Money, money, money…

You’re getting #CollegeReady and evaluating all the things that are important but what about the Return on Investment (ROI), sure it sounds like a stick-in-the-mud Q but should it not be relevant?

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.30.43 PM

While picking a major we’re sure you guys all see the “follow your passion” and everything will take care of itself messages, and it’s definitely great advise but also keep an eye on what your future may hold with that degree. The great debate of our time is about college costs & value, so pursuing your passion with clear knowledge of your earning potential & future financial viability is not a bad thing.

While not the primary consideration make sure to add this into your “pursuit of higher education” equation. As usual the ChromaUp Sensei is here to help ;o) — here are some resources to guide you,

  • Here is a “Lifetime Earnings” calculator you can manipulate to view salary projections of various majors
  • Some insight into where the fastest growing opportunities are

There is a ton more research you could do, but we wanted to nudge you guys in the right direction.

As always, there is no substitute for being prepared. Woot!

Author: ChromaUp

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