College Readiness is all about YOU!

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Would you do this? Can you do this? Would you want to?

Getting ready for college is about knowing yourself. In the din of the #CollegeReadiness adventure sometimes it’s easy to forget that the process is mostly to help you understand yourself and match you with the institution that most allows you to be successful.

There are some key Q’s you can ask yourself to evaluate and discover your future, you can find them here. Try to answer these Q’s honestly with folks that care about you.

Focusing and building your ChromaUp Timeline to capture your achievement story is also a great reflective way to understand who you are and what you have been successful at — while it provides colleges a synopsis of your achievement it is also a powerful way for you to reflect on your journey and what it may tell you about yourself.

So be diligent from the 9th grade to capture your achievement on your Timeline and let it become a tool to help you determine your strengths and interests.

As usual, there is no substitute for being ready.

The ChromaUp Sensei

Author: ChromaUp

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