College Admissions & Intrinsic Leadership

Ever felt a resume or application never told your story… ya us too.

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The most successful companies in the world already recognize this and don’t rely on those metrics, “Laszlo Bock, senior vice president for people operations at Google, says some data is essentially worthless in assessing job candidates: G.P.A.’s. for instance, except for recent college graduates, and test scores.”.

Resume vs. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

So none of this is new, it’s always smart practices that get lost in the haze of the everyday. Here is a great article that outlines the difference between a resume & a CV, and we immediately understand that having to showcase a body of work has always been the best way to evaluate folks for ANY reason.

Keeping with this key change in leadership and skill evaluation colleges have started to find structured ways to identify intrinsic leadership and reviewing this metric as manifested over a period of time & this is an amazing thing.

We look froward to this continued movement to go beyond grades and test scores & do our small part at ChromaUp.

Get off your butt — success is habitual

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In the 7th grade I told my dad I could be at the top of my class (was usually in the top 15th percentile) & he immediately put me in place by indicating that I was a 15%er because that was my consistent ability. He explained that who you are is habitual not a one off.

I’ve been asked several times by folks from across the education spectrum (students, parents, college folks, & school folks) about the effectiveness of ChromaUp (our Instagram like app that lets students capture achievement in pics/vids) & here is what I hang my hat on. With an effort as minimal as archiving photos/videos, which everyone already does anyway, to showcase passion, leadership, and achievement, if we cannot find a consistent motivation — does that not tell us something about who we are?

In the admission process we spend time on telling our story in an “essay” — but this is what I refer to as “manufactured creativity”, telling the story that someone wants to hear. Nothing wrong with the essay as it does allow you to express in your words achievement, hopes, & dreams, but does it show habitual leadership & achievement? With the ease with which we now archive our lives in photos & video should we not try to illustrate our path (story)?

The counter argument is that we could always “manufacture” our Timelines, so what! What if in the process of going through high school we “manufacture” consistency, does that not make you consistent. The act of managing your Timeline & thinking about it is a clarification of thought and awareness over a period of time, is it not?

In a short time we have hundreds of high school students using ChromaUp to capture their stories — when they share those Timelines, in one glance you are able to gauge which kids have intrinsic abilities. As someone ones said, a picture tells the story of a 1000 words… imagine what a visual timeline tells you.

Supra Manohar, co-founder, Chroma (posting on our open blog)

Motivating the “student” in student-athletes

A basketball program that teaches leadership and college readiness.

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Milpitas Swoosh Basketball is a club that currently has 70+ student athletes in 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th grades with 8 volunteer coaches. Team Swoosh has a nonprofit license 501(c). They represent East San Jose and Milpitas areas. They sponsor the less fortunate kids that can not afford but love the game of basketball. The club is an AAU Basketball Organization (all year round sport) and the program is to initiate, stimulate, and improve opportunities for amateur basketball competition with a goal on promoting and developing leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, and athletic excellence.

Coach Marlon Pacis is the Director of the club and firmly believes that the program is about creating opportunity and leadership by exposing kids to qualities that will help them grow and create opportunity. He is a true believer that the “student-athletes” need to emphasize “student” in all aspects of the program. Making sure kids develop and are exposed to higher education opportunity is a key part of Swoosh Basketball.

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Coach Pacis and the club partner with ChromaUp to make sure the student-athletes capture their achievements on and off the court to tell their story and get college ready.

“Our players are student-athletes and exposing them to higher education opportunity is an integral part of the Swoosh program, partnering with ChromaUp is extremely organic in achieving these goals — kids showcase their ability on and off the court via their Timelines, and ChromaUp badges allows us to memorialize leadership, skill, and recommendations easily. We look forward to engaging the kids and explore the various possibilities provided by ChromaUp” — Coach Pacis.

Understanding that over 1000+ colleges are going test score optional and that his students need to be future ready, he actively works on exposing his kids to the latest tools and information to help them pursue success.

Money, money, money…

You’re getting #CollegeReady and evaluating all the things that are important but what about the Return on Investment (ROI), sure it sounds like a stick-in-the-mud Q but should it not be relevant?

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While picking a major we’re sure you guys all see the “follow your passion” and everything will take care of itself messages, and it’s definitely great advise but also keep an eye on what your future may hold with that degree. The great debate of our time is about college costs & value, so pursuing your passion with clear knowledge of your earning potential & future financial viability is not a bad thing.

While not the primary consideration make sure to add this into your “pursuit of higher education” equation. As usual the ChromaUp Sensei is here to help ;o) — here are some resources to guide you,

  • Here is a “Lifetime Earnings” calculator you can manipulate to view salary projections of various majors
  • Some insight into where the fastest growing opportunities are

There is a ton more research you could do, but we wanted to nudge you guys in the right direction.

As always, there is no substitute for being prepared. Woot!

College Readiness is all about YOU!

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Would you do this? Can you do this? Would you want to?

Getting ready for college is about knowing yourself. In the din of the #CollegeReadiness adventure sometimes it’s easy to forget that the process is mostly to help you understand yourself and match you with the institution that most allows you to be successful.

There are some key Q’s you can ask yourself to evaluate and discover your future, you can find them here. Try to answer these Q’s honestly with folks that care about you.

Focusing and building your ChromaUp Timeline to capture your achievement story is also a great reflective way to understand who you are and what you have been successful at — while it provides colleges a synopsis of your achievement it is also a powerful way for you to reflect on your journey and what it may tell you about yourself.

So be diligent from the 9th grade to capture your achievement on your Timeline and let it become a tool to help you determine your strengths and interests.

As usual, there is no substitute for being ready.

The ChromaUp Sensei